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Gage Bingham: Crafting Harmony and Success in the City of Brotherly Love

In the heartbeat of Philadelphia, where the rhythm of the streets resonates with diverse tales, emerges a visionary changing the music landscape - Gage Bingham, the multi-talented CEO, Head Recording Engineer, Music Producer, and Artist behind Sounds Like Soma LLC. With a decade-long journey in the industry and a commitment to excellence, Gage is not just creating music; he's crafting a community of positive artistry.

A Symphony of Experience

Gage's musical journey began a decade ago, honing his skills and pursuing a bachelor's degree in Music Business and Business Minor from South Eastern University. His aim is not just personal success but to revolutionize the Philadelphia music scene by establishing affordable yet high-quality studios. His vision extends beyond city limits, with aspirations to open studios in New York, Atlanta, California, and Nashville, creating safe spaces for artists to collaborate and elevate each other.

Three Words to Define Gage: Reliable, Trustworthy, Loyal

In three words, Gage defines himself as reliable, trustworthy, and loyal. These qualities form the foundation of his approach to both life and business, creating lasting connections with artists and clients alike.

Philosophy of 110 Percent

Gage lives by the philosophy, "If you aren't going to give your 110 percent in everything you do, then why even do it at all?" In a culture that often prioritizes shortcuts, Gage stands out with his unwavering dedication and work ethic, encouraging others to embrace the hard work required for true success.

Balancing Work and Life: A Constant Battle

Reflecting on his journey, Gage's greatest life lesson revolves around finding a healthy balance between work and personal life. As a self-employed entrepreneur, the struggle is real, but Gage's commitment to working hard in every season has propelled him to the success he enjoys today.

Long-Term Goals: Musical Success and Youth Empowerment

Gage's long-term professional goals include becoming a well-respected figure in the music industry, providing for his family, and establishing a music foundation for youth expression. Beyond personal success, Gage envisions creating opportunities for young talents to find their voice through art.

A Self-Made Trailblazer

Gage's journey includes significant milestones, notably being a self-made recording engineer and producer. His recent appointment as CEO and Head Engineer of Sounds Like Soma LLC stands as a testament to his dedication and expertise.

Inspiration from Russ: An Independent Journey

While Gage refrains from idolizing others, he finds inspiration in Russ, an independent and self-made musical artist. Russ's dedication to hard work and caring for his family resonates deeply with Gage, fueling his own aspirations.

Sleepless Nights: The Struggle to Do Enough

Gage's restless nights are fueled by the question, "Am I doing enough?" It's a universal struggle, a fear of failure that motivates him to push boundaries and ensure he doesn't fall short of his potential.

Professional Passion: Respect for All Artists

What fuels Gage's professional passion is the respect he extends to every artist, regardless of their level of expertise. His joy lies in helping artists discover the best versions of themselves, reflected in their music.

Surprising Skill: A Sports Enthusiast

Beyond the music studio, Gage surprises many with his prowess in sports, showcasing a diverse set of talents beyond the realm of music.

Proof of Greatness: Loyalty of Returning Clients

Gage's greatness is evident in the loyalty of his returning clients. They choose to wait for his availability rather than seeking alternatives, a testament to the quality and dedication he brings to each session.

Solving Problems Through Listening

Listening forms the core of Gage's client interactions. He consistently solves problems by understanding his clients' visions, whether it's in recording, podcasting, or video shoots.

Differentiation: A Personal Touch

What sets Gage apart is the personal touch he adds to every project. His commitment to giving 110 percent, both physically and mentally, ensures that each creation is a true reflection of his and the artist's best effort.

Overcoming Obstacles: A Journey from North East Philadelphia

Gage's journey includes overcoming a rough upbringing in North East Philadelphia, a testament to his resilience and determination to create a better life.

Role in the World: Creating Positive Energy

While many may question their role in the world, Gage sees his as creating peaceful positive energy, compassion, and understanding for his community and family.

Legacy: The One Who Gave a Damn

Gage wants to be remembered as someone who cared, not just about his success but about his community and the positive energy he aimed to create. His vision extends to restoring the true essence of the "City Of Brotherly Love."

In the dynamic world of music, Gage Bingham is not just a CEO and recording engineer; he's a maestro orchestrating a movement of positive artistry. Sounds Like Soma LLC isn't merely a studio; it's a sanctuary for creativity, a testament to Gage's dedication to providing a platform where every artist's voice can be heard, appreciated, and celebrated.

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02 בפבר׳

That's Pastor Pagan. But to you it's Angel. Because you have gotten a gift from God . Not only your talent you are a great father. And you a good to my baby girl Nisa. The Mother of your loving child. This is only the beginning. There are many beautiful blessings yet to come for you and your little wonderful family. Angel 😇 🙏🏻🎺🎺🎺🎶🎶🎶🎶👑✨️❤️🔥🩸🗝🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡. Never forget you Armor Amen. I'll be praying for many success yet to come. Amen. Angel 😇


02 בפבר׳

Gage who is it that said dreams don't come true. Because you have proven to every spective how wrong they are . And as a Mane of God that you are. You've proved that if you work hard and long hours. Your dream can be a reality. Dreams do come true. I can't believe deep down in side. Of how proud I am for your success. And that of your little family. I'd wish Angel can take sometime out and spend sometime at your studio. Angel can spit. And with someone helping him that's been his dream just like you. 🎊 Gage. With faith and God's Grace . You've made it Amen. Time to selabrate

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