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MOM & DAUGHTER: Survivor Foundation: A Trailblazer of Faith and Resilience In the sun-kissed city of Boynton Beach, Florida, there resides a force of unwavering faitH

Updated: Feb 12

Survivor Foundation article below Title: Catrina Rumph: A Trailblazer of Faith and Resilience In the sun-kissed city of Boynton Beach, Florida, there resides a force of unwavering faith and boundless determination - Catrina Rumph, the visionary behind Survivor Foundation.

As a Servant of God, Prophetess, and Evangelist for over three decades, Catrina has not only won souls for Christ Jesus but has also become a beacon of strength, encouraging others never to give in, give up, or give out. A Spiritual Journey of Three Decades With a profound educational background - Medvance Institute-Medical Lab Technician student and high school diploma, Catrina embarked on a spiritual journey spanning about 30 years.

Her mission goes beyond traditional roles; it's about bringing hope, faith, and salvation to those who need it the most. Three Words: Humble, Strict, Diligent In describing herself, Catrina chooses three powerful words - humble, strict, and diligent. Her humility grounds her, strictness upholds her morals, and diligence propels her forward in everything she undertakes. Philosophy of Perseverance Catrina's life and business philosophy echo with strength: "Do not give in, give up or give out; this too shall pass." These words serve as a guiding light, urging individuals to press on in the face of adversity.

Learning from Life's Lessons Catrina's greatest life lesson centers on trust - cautioning against trusting friends blindly, especially in relationships and business. Her experiences have taught her the value of discernment and resilience. Professional and Personal Goals: Making a Positive Difference Catrina's long-term professional goals revolve around continuing to make a positive difference globally. Personally, her aim is to fulfill the will of God, bringing joy, love, and salvation to those she encounters. A Portfolio of Spiritual Triumphs Among Catrina's greatest accomplishments is the profound impact she's made on the lives of those struggling with suicidal thoughts. Through her spiritual videos and messages, she has witnessed lives transformed, bringing hope and light to those once shrouded in darkness. Role Model: The Unyielding Spirit of Her Mother Catrina draws inspiration from her mother, an exemplar of resilience and determination.

Her mother's unwavering spirit, even in the face of challenges, motivates Catrina to strive for greatness. Passionate Professional Accommodating Needs Catrina's professional passion lies in accommodating others to the fullest extent of her potential, satisfying their needs spiritually and emotionally. Surprising Skill: Conquering Challenges Catrina's surprising skill lies in her ability to face challenges head-on. Her unwavering commitment to overcome obstacles sets her apart in every aspect of her life. Authenticity: The True Measure of Greatness Catrina believes that greatness is reflected in authenticity. Her character speaks for itself, and she values realness over everything, refusing to compromise her beliefs for the sake of appeasing others. Solving Doubts and Building Confidence Consistently, Catrina solves the doubts of self-confidence for her clients, guiding them towards a path of strength and belief in their own capabilities. Differentiation: Speaking Truth and Embracing Authenticity Catrina stands out by speaking her truth. She doesn't fake it to make it; she remains true to herself. Her authenticity commands respect and attracts those seeking genuine connections.

Overcoming Obstacles: Embracing the Gift of Prophecy Catrina's gift of prophecy, while a source of blessing, has also presented challenges. Some would be afraid to have her in their presence, fearful of the prophecies coming to pass quickly. Role in the World: Winning Souls and Encouraging Resilience Catrina firmly believes her role in the world is to win souls to Christ Jesus and to encourage others never to give in, give up, or give out. Her mission is one of spreading faith and resilience. Legacy: A Woman of God Who Spoke the Truth How does Catrina want to be remembered? As a woman of God who spoke the truth, unwavering in her commitment to deliver a powerful message of salvation: "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus' name."

Catrina Rumph's journey is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the enduring power of faith and resilience. Survivor Foundation is not merely a spiritual endeavor; it's a lifeline for those seeking hope, and Catrina Rumph stands as a guiding force, urging us all to rise above challenges and embrace the gift of life with unwavering faith.

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